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Closing The Loop

Recycling Plastic

"Closing the loop" refers to using resins manufactured from recycled waste plastic rather than virgin resin for production. The use of virgin materials has a higher cost for our environment, due to the energy intensity of natural resource extraction, transportation and refining materials for manufacturing processes. Using recycled material can significantly reduce energy consumption and resultant greenhouse gas emissions from both transportation and manufacturing. It also encourages the diversion of waste from landfill.

At Cromford Film we are helping to close the loop by using resins manufactured from recycled waste plastic in the production of our films and dampcourse. This reduces our reliance on virgin materials.

Cromford Film is committed to using a high proportion of recycled resins produced from post-consumer and post-industrial plastic in the production of its quality films and dampcourse products. By using recycled material, we prevent waste plastics being sent offshore, or being disposed of in landfill.