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Film Solutions

Cromford Film supplies products for the following industries:


Slab onground construction requires that a branded concrete underlay or vapour barrier is used to prevent moisture vapour or groundwater penetration into the concrete slab.  AS/NZS 2870 requires that such products meet a minimum requirement of thickness and strength.  Cromford Film and Dampcourse is tested continually during the manufacturing process to ensure we exceed the minimum requirements of the standard.  Product traceability is of the utmost importance and Cromford Film ensures that any product is traceable to the day of production, the resins used during production and the compliance tests. 


Industrial film products are produced in varying widths, thicknesses and colours.  There are a wide variety of industries and applications that require 'fit for purpose' products and Cromford Film is capable of producing high quality products, customised to any need.


Agricultural film is produced in widths from 2 metres to 6 metres and thicknesses from 100µm to 300µm. The agricultural sector may require variances in the resin formula to give the specific characteristics for each film.  Cromford Film specialises in producing high quality customised films for greenhouse, nursery and mining applications and is often used as a dam liner.  Other environmental uses such as landfill may also require this film.

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