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Cromford Film Quality

Cromford manufactured products are recognised for their quality and compliance with both Australian standards (AS 2870 and AS2904) and the Builders Code of Australia (BCA).

Vapour Barriers and Damp-Proofing membranes are required to conform to:

  • Material type - must be polyethylene
  • Continuous branding - the manufacturer's and distributor's name, trademark or code;
  • Film thickness - in accordance with AS/NZS4347.9
  • Medium Impact resistance - in accordance with AS4347.6
  • High Impact resistance - in accordance with AS4347.6
  • Puncture and Moisture penetration.

Your Quality Assurance

At Cromford, we follow a quality compliance system, accredited by ApproveMark to ensure a fit for purpose product.

Our in-line testing system during the manufacturing process tests width, length, thickness and impact resistance to meet AS and BCA standards.

Our product traceability and in-line testing ensures you can identify;

  • When the film was made,
  • Who made it, and
  • The raw material base - EVERY time.